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Alyssa Rutchik Padial, PT, MS, OCS, PRPC 

Head to Toe & ALL Between!
*≈30 years of experience
*Double Board Certified in Orthopedics & Pelvic Rehabilitation 
*Certified Pilates Instructor
*Semi-Professional Dancer
*Former PT for Merce Cunningham Dance Company
*Trauma Sensitive
*Halachic Informed
*Extensive Teaching Experience 
*27 years with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, NYC's #1 institution
*1 hour private one-on-one sessions
*Your place or mine
*On-Line Video Sessions Available 
Work Out at Home
Expertise in Treatment of:
Vertigo, Dizziness, Balance Disorders
Dance Rehabilitation
Foot & Ankle Pain 
Neck, Back, Hip, Knee Pain
Pain during Pregnancy or Post-Partum
      Pelvic Health for Men & Women including:
Urinary or Fecal incontinence
Pelvic Pain
Pudendal Neuralgia
Pain with Sexual Activity
Coccyx pain
Sacroiliac pain
Diastasis Recti Abdominis
Postural Dysfunction
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
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