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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Stomach Ache

Perhaps you have found your way to this site because you are suffering with pelvic pain or other issues related to your bowel, bladder or sexual function. These are problems not often discussed, but so incredibly vital to our daily lives. Perhaps you are challenged because you have too much discomfort to tolerate sitting or tight-fitting clothing, or sexual activity is uncomfortable so your relationships have suffered.  

Maybe the idea of even inserting a tampon is keeping you or your daughter out of swimming or gym class or ballet. Perhaps you have bowel issues that cause abdominal and deep pelvic discomfort, or you are avoiding joining your friend at the new gym because you are fearful you may leak urine during the Cross Fit class. Perhaps you suffer testicular or penile pain with sitting or sexual activity. 

Hugging a Pillow
Yoga at Home

Physical therapy can help you using advanced manual techniques that optimize how your organs, muscles and nerves of the abdomen and pelvis work.  Individualized exercise can help you learn to better coordinate your breathing and pelvic muscle function so you can feel full control of your "parts." Where there is pain, there is often tension. I will help you learn ways to release those restrictions in your tissues, and reduce your pain, so you can do what you want to do! And no more leaking!

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