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A Pilates Approach to Exercise

Stability Ball and Stretching Band

As a dancer and movement-oriented physical therapist, I believe it is important to regain alignment, strength and length in our bodies for the most efficient ability to move. Whether it be to walk to the car, sit comfortably, jump on a trampoline, flip in the next gymnastics meet, leap in the modern dance class you love, lift your toddler, or stand all day to perform your work, our bodies must be able to maintain themselves to avoid injury, stress and breakdown over time. 

A Pilates approach to exercise involves learning, and re-learning, at times the proper way to breathe, and how to move your limbs without causing injury to your spine or pelvis. Understanding your anatomy and how to engage your stabilizing muscles without tension will help you feel empowered to do anything!


I have been practicing Pilates for my entire career as a dancer and physical therapist, achieving my certification as an educator from the Kane School of Core Integration in 2002.  All of my patients are instructed in a Pilates-based approach to exercise in order to best re-educate their neuromuscular system, that is mind and body. 

Pilates Practice
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