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During your pregnancy & beyond:

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

A woman's body goes through enormous changes throughout the lifecycle. The most profound effects on our bodies occur during pregnancy. Did you know that within only 8-14 days from conception your body goes through major physiological changes to prepare for the development of your child and childbirth? Most women don't even know they're pregnant yet! Hormonal changes that prepare your uterus and body to carry a growing baby can cause multiple issues. 

You may experience pains in your back, your pelvis, your neck or your legs. You may experience a sensation of pressure in your pelvis, making you feel that you are in less control of your bowel or bladder. Your postural needs may change in order to accommodate for your growing baby inside, and perhaps this is all happening while you still have to perform at work, in your marriage, and maybe for other children at home.

Daughter Kissing Pregnant Mom
Doula at Home

You don't have to hurt during your pregnancy! You shouldn't have to waddle around the market, holding onto the cart for every bit of support it can provide!  You shouldn't have to worry that you may leak a little when you laugh at the joke your friend just shared! You should be able to care for your baby after childbirth comfortably and feel great! Physical therapy can help!  I can help you regain control and alignment of your body so you can tackle your day-to-day challenges, WITHOUT the distractions of pain.

After taking a thorough history, my detailed assessment will guide the best approach to your care.
Various methods of soft tissue mobilization and joint alignment techniques, as well as individualized exercises will help you maintain an improved ability to function and be the best mama-to-be that you can! 
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