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Supporting a Toxin Free Lifestyle

Serum Bottle

Every where we look, there are toxins in our environment that our body has difficulty metabolizing. Our foods may have pesticides, hormones, artificial colors, and flavors. Our cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, and detergents may contain chemicals, neurotoxins, parabens, or phthalates that may be carcinogenic. The pharmaceuticals often used to help one body system may cause side effects that then require another medication and so on. Our world is a stressful place- the noise, the odors, the news. We all suffer because of this. Plant-based pure therapeutic essential oils can be applied through topical application, aromatherapy (diffused or straight out of the bottle), and some even ingested. Young Living is a trusted company with farms all over the world and a "Seed to Seal" promise of production, without the use of any additives or chemicals. 

I aim to adopt a healthy lifestyle that can support the health and wellness of myself and my family without the unnecessary risk from processed medications, foods or household cleaners. I learned about Young Living essential oils and products in 2015 and now I have pain medicine in my closet that has expired because we simply don't use them anymore. My son will ask for lavender or Panaway if he's got a headache, my daughter will take the Purification oil to fix the itch from the mosquito bite, my husband will apply Vetiver and Peace & Calming oils to his feet before bed for a good sleep. I will grab the Stress Away before a presentation, or a little dose of Peppermint oil on my tongue for an afternoon pick me up. Respiratory support, immune support, pain, skin, mood - there is something for every single one of your physical or emotional needs.

Even for your babies and pets!

Let me know how I can support your detox journey.  

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